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Demand trend analysis of auto parts industry in 2022

The whole auto parts industry experienced a lack of cores last year, which had a certain impact on the output of major brands of cars, but there was no “post market demand” for overseas cars


“Seeking” is still strong. In addition, the epidemic in 2022 will be gradually controlled in the world, and the pent up travel demand will be released, in short, whether from cars


The growth of parts export is still the peak of cross-border e-commerce export, and the export of automobile and motorcycle parts will usher in another spring.

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Data source: iResearch

1. In 2020, the global aftermarket for auto parts will be $983billion, and it is expected to reach $1370billion by 2030, with a compound annual growth rate of 3.38%,


The compound annual growth rate of automotive supplies is 7.5%


2. The scale of e-commerce sales is expected to increase from $47 billion in 2020 to $292.6 billion in 2030, with a compound annual growth rate of 20%. E-commerce sales


The proportion increased from 4% to 20%.

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1. The shortage of chips and the slowdown in the sales of new cars have promoted the activity of the local used car market, and there is a large demand for additional and low-cost high-end supplies;


2. The price rise of raw materials and sea freight forces offline channels to reduce profits, find cheaper supplies and maintain profit margins;


3. The rise in oil prices caused by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has increased the use cost of global oil vehicles, which is conducive to the sales of new energy vehicles and electric vehicles


The continued prosperity of the post market.


2022 cross border e-commerce auto parts market characteristics analysis:


1. Large market scale


The auto parts market is huge, and its global market valuation has reached 378billion US dollars, with an annual growth rate of about 4%.


2. National conditions and needs


Take the United States as an example. Compared with China, the population of the United States accounts for only one third of the whole, but the number of cars is the same as that of China.


Secondly, most of the transportation modes in foreign countries are mainly roads, and the fees in the foreign automobile transportation industry are very high, which leads to the general foreign


Almost everyone in the family has a car.


And because of the high labor cost of automobile repair abroad, many people are used to buying parts to refit and repair, whether they want to upgrade


Many overseas consumers use online channels to replace performance accessories such as alloy wheels or auto parts such as water pumps and brake pads


Purchase products, and then install accessories by yourself (or resort to professional garage installation, etc.) to use the products.

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data sources:eMarketer

According to the statistics of emarketer, a well-known research company in North America, among the categories with the fastest online sales growth in 2021, auto parts products rank first


Fourth, the growth rate reached 13.5%, and the total transaction volume of the online market reached more than $60 billion.


Among them, DIY consumers have to be the fastest to promote the growth of sellers’ sales. Because the vehicle is often worn under natural use


Occurrence: – filter, brake, tire, suspension and other maintenance categories – bulbs, starting motors, alternators, fuel pumps and injectors, etc


Electrical category – Mechanical categories such as bushings and engine supports – wiper blades, door handles and other products used inside and outside the car, so the market


There is a great demand for such products. These categories are also more suitable for novice auto parts products.


At present, the main classification and national distribution of Dunhuang Auto Parts Network:

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Data source:

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Data source:

Category direction:

Auto parts:


Generally speaking, auto parts refer to all parts and components except the car frame, in which parts refer to single parts that cannot be split


Components; Assembly refers to the assembly of parts that realize a certain action (or function). An assembly can be one part or multiple parts


assembly. In this assembly, one part is the main part, which realizes the given action (or function), and other parts


It only plays auxiliary roles such as connection, fastening and guidance.


Automobile is generally composed of four basic parts: engine, chassis, body and electrical equipment, so automobile parts are divided into various sub products


Are derived from these four basic parts. According to the nature of parts, they can be divided into engine system, power system, transmission system


Suspension system, braking system, electrical system and others (general supplies, loading tools, etc.).


Auto parts is a large market in mainstream countries in Europe, America and Australia, and it is also a blue ocean category of cross-border e-commerce. Mainstream white countries in Europe and America,


The car culture is very rich, and the labor cost is very expensive, so they like to get their own car in the garage, so this market is quite large.

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Data source: Alibaba

Automotive electronics:


Generally, on-board electronic devices do not directly affect the running performance of vehicles, and increase the number of vehicles by improving the degree of intelligence, informatization and entertainment


Added value. Like 3C products such as mobile phones and tablets, the electronic parts of cars are also constantly being upgraded, which is what auto parts sellers can do


Break the vertical blue ocean of homogeneous competition. According to the prediction of the automotive industry association, the global automotive electronics market will reach


US $355billion. With the popularity of 5g technology, the demand for upgrading and application of automotive electronic parts in the automotive aftermarket will continue to grow.

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Source: Automobile Industry Association

Hot selling direction of automotive electronics:


Smart car system, dash cam, on-board MP3, car charging, emergency starting power supply, GPS, car audio, on-board vacuum cleaner,


Car purifier, car humidifier, HUD head up display, car refrigerator, car wireless charging, etc;


In addition, will also make great efforts in auto tools, auto interior and exterior decoration, auto maintenance, new energy vehicle accessories, and motorcycle accessories


Support domestic high-quality sellers!


Note: some data in this paper can be used for reference to the trend analysis and selection strategy of Q1 automotive supplies at Ali international station