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Truck spare parts: most frequently replaced parts

Truck spare parts: most frequently replaced parts

One might think heavy-duty truck parts are as tough as they are robust and will last forever. However, as with everything, if a truck is well maintained, it will have a longer useful life but will require replacing eventually.

There are numerous truck parts from the smallest bolt to the water pump to the wiper blade, but what are the most frequently replaced spare parts?

Top commonly replaced truck spare parts

Knowing the most commonly truck replacement parts can help you keep a close monitoring on their performance. It is important to take in mind that every truck has its own maintenance needs, so a proper assessment of the truck parts must decide which ones need replacement (or don’t).



The batteries


General wisdom says that batteries in trucks should be replaced every three to four years. However, factors like temperature, climate and driving habits can affect the battery’s lifespan and leave the truck needing a new one before the three-year mark. Weak batteries do not always show warning signs, it is important to inspect them regularly

One of the most recommended maintenance practices is not to use the electrical components of the vehicle when the engine is not started.



The clutch parts


The clutch, in a manual transmission system, allows the driver to smoothly change gears, by acting as a mechanical link between the engine and the gearbox. Therefore, it is a key component to disconnect the engine from the transmission system.

A damaged clutch could cause extensive damage on the truck’s transmission, which would result in poor truck performance. Unlike passenger cars, trucks and industrial vehicles experience clutch failure due to clutch discharging and overloading. To prevent premature replacement of this component, smooth driving and effective maintenance must be in place.



The tires


Probably the most important safety features of a vehicle are the brakes and tires.

Selecting the right tire profile, checking tire condition and age, and checking its tread depth and pressure constantly will ensure that the tires remain in perfect conditions.

When tires start wearing down to the end, they lose their grip on the road and make your vehicle less safe. Also, be sure to get your tires rotated regularly to even maximize their life.

Remember to check the inflation pressure when the tires are cold, it increases automatically when the tire is warm.



The brake pads


Without brakes, a truck has no control whatsoever. Brake pads are a core component of the truck’s breaking system. And they tend to wear out, requiring more and more replacements as the trucker gets bigger. This is because larger trucks take more brake power to slow down and stop.

On most heavy-duty vehicles, replacement is expected every 3 to 5 years. However, this largely depends on driving style, driving paths and the amount of stop-and-go-traffic the truck drives in. Avoiding fast stops has been shown to extend brake pads life, but regular checks should always be in place.



Water pumps: a critical component


Water pumps are the cooling system’s masterpiece. They ensure that enough coolant liquid flows around the engine to remove heat and keep the engine from overheating. They are the most popular aftermarket truck part, as are essential for engine health and safety. A defective pump will allow engine heat to build up to dangerous levels and can lead to major damage to the truck’s engine.

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